Must Have Amazon Outfits for your boudoir session // Boudoir Outfits Pt. 1

May 7, 2020

Must Have Amazon Outfits for your boudoir session // Boudoir Outfits Part 1

The number one question I get asked about my boudoir sessions is, “What do I wear?!” Well now you don’t have to wonder with my post on Must Have Amazon Outfits for your Boudoir Session!

So I’m excited to have this post made because it links to past ladies favorite and my favorite outfits from Amazon! And really who doesn’t like an excuse for a bit of Amazon shopping? I’ve listed them by size and all of these are affiliate links of mine, meaning nothing changes price wise for you, but when you purchase through my links I make a small percentage of the sale. Which helps my boudoir business because I apply my associate link sales towards purchasing more outfits and props for the studio and to offer you to use while you are there! (win win yay!)

And so without further chatting, here are the outfits you should consider buying for your boudoir session <3

Lingerie + outfits for your boudoir session

Size XS Boudoir Outfits

Small Size Boudoir Outfits

Medium Size Boudoir Outfits

Large Size Boudoir Outfits

XL Size and Plus Sizes Boudoir Outfits

Fun Props to consider (Studio does not have these items)

I hope you found some pieces you are adding to your list and buying for your session! I can’t wait to have you in the studio!

If you haven’t booked your session with me yet, don’t wait! I have a limited amount of sessions each month and normally book a couple months out. CLICK HERE to contact me about your own RARE by Rebecca session today!



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